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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Being Human - Series 4 Episode 7 - Making History - Review

What’s the Story?

In this years penultimate instalment of Being Human, we are taken through the past, present and future of our trio with surprising results. Through flashbacks to the 1950s we learn more about Hal and Cutler while Tom grows closer to Cutler in the present and Annie crosses over once again and sees what the future has in store. And it’s not jetpacks.

What’s the Verdict?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Being Human - Series 4 Episode 6 - Puppy Love

What’s the Story?

Honolulu Heights has another new visitor this week in the form of young werewolf Allison (Ellie Kendrick) who has been trying to track Tom down after watching a certain viral Youtube video… With Tom instantly smitten their relationship blossoms while Hal’s attempts to ‘court’ Scottish holidaymaker Alex (Kate Bracken) go less smoothly. Meanwhile, alone at the B&B Annie’s actions prove fatal, literally, for one Barry resident.

What’s the Verdict?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Being Human - Series 4 Episode 5 - Hold The Front Page - Review

What's the Story?
47 year old teenage vampire Adam (Craig Roberts) returns to Honolulu Heights, seeking sanctuary from the media after running away with girls school headmistress, Yvonne Bradshaw (Selina Griffiths). Of course, things have changed somewhat in his absence and it soon becomes apparent that there may be more to Yvonne than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Cutler is stepping up his plan to 'out' the werewolves.

What's the Verdict?