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Saturday, 16 March 2013

'Hope' - Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool - Review

Saturday 16th March - matinee performance 

The Royal Court in Liverpool is currently showing the world premiere of ‘Hope’, billed as both a psychological thriller and a ‘darkly comical love story’ by multi-talented writer, director and actor Scot Williams.  

The play centres around Norm, a writer struggling to finish his novel though insisting he does not believe in writer’s block.  His housemate, Guy (Rene Zagger) is a constant source of distraction and irritation who questions Norm’s every action and opinion.  Their third housemate, Hope (Samantha Womack) floats in and out of their conversations, playfully teasing that she has a secret.  Writer Scot Williams makes up the cast, playing Victor, a mysterious figure brought back to the house by Hope who seems to know more about the other housemates than they realise.