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Monday, 28 March 2011

Being Human Series 3 Fan Awards - The Results!

You have spoken.  After two weeks of voting here are the characters and moments you voted for as the best of Being Human Series 3!  Drumroll please……………….
Favourite Partnership
1.       37.38%  -   George & Mitchell

2.       24.3%     -  George & Nina
3.       16.82%   -  Mitchell & Annie
4.       14.95%   -  McNair & Tom
5.       5.61%     -  Annie & Nancy
6.       0.83%     -  Other (Herrick & Mitchell)
George & Mitchell  -  With both George and Mitchell becoming closer to the women in their lives this series, less screen time was allotted to everyone’s favourite bromance, but boy were their scenes together memorable,  culminating of course in their heartbreaking final moment.  With one line; ‘I’m doing this because I love you’; George & Mitchell’s friendship was both ended and cemented and I have no doubt that it was this scene that won the duo this award. 
Favourite One Ep Wonder
1.       30.84%  -  Sasha

2.       23.36%  -  Adam
3.       18.69%  -  George Sands Senior
4.       13.08%  -  Wendy
5.       11.21%  -  Edgar Wyndham
6.       2.8%      -  Vincent
Sasha – ‘Like the Beyonce album’ – may not have been around long but clearly made a massive impact, triumphing in a tough category here.   With a great performance from Alexandra Roach, Sasha went through her own journey in her episode, Type 4, causing madness and mayhem on the streets and in the clubs of Barry before her genuinely moving exit.   Who would have thought a zombie Welsh chav would prove such an inspired idea?!
Favourite Recurring Character
1.       48.62%  -  Herrick
2.       33.03%  -  McNair
3.       13.76%  -  Tom
4.       3.67%    -  Lia
5.       0.92%    - Nancy
Another tough category here but despite a strong showing from newcomers McNair and Tom, there was only ever going to be one winner and the baddest bad guy on the box convincingly took first place.   After his resurrection at the end of Series 2, we were all waiting for the moment Herrick would make his appearance and although the beginning of Series 3 was strong, it still felt like the show stepped up a gear on his return.  His amnesia was unexpected but provided a genuinely gripping source of tension as the show progressed, before his inevitable return to his old self, with Jason Watkins simply mesmerising both as the confused and terrified ‘Uncle Billy’ and the vengeful, sadistic Herrick.  Is there a better TV villain?
Favourite Series 3 Episode
1.       34.23%  -  Episode 7 – Though The Heavens Fall
2.       21.62%  -  Episode 8 – The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
3.       16.22%  -  Episode 5 – The Longest Day
4.       9.01%    -  Episode 3 – Type 4
5.       8.11%    -  Episode 4 – The Pack
6.       5.41%    -  Episode 1 – Lia
7.       3.6%      -  Episode 2 – Adam’s Family
8.       1.8%      -  Episode 6 – Daddy Ghoul
The penultimate episode, wonderfully titled ‘Though The Heavens Fall’ proved most popular (and has by far the most hits of all my reviews), superbly bringing together all plot threads of the series so far and ending with a truly shocking final ten minutes.  After this episode, anticipation for the series finale could not have been higher and it seems most of you agreed this was a particularly stunning hour of television. 
Series 2 of Being Human was often criticised for being too dark, yet it is interesting to note here that no matter how enjoyable they may have been at the time, the more outright ‘comedy’ episodes of Series 3 have proven the least popular in the overall vote.  This is not to say that people disliked these episodes, however it appears that this year the darkness of the series has been embraced perhaps more than previous years and that the series has perhaps finally found the balance between comedy and drama. 
Favourite Series 3 Regular
1.        57.89%  -  Mitchell
2.       21.05%   -  George
3.       14.91%   -  Nina
4.       6.14%     -  Annie
In the most emphatic victory of them all, Mitchell is voted your favourite regular character with what can definitely be described as a ‘landslide’ vote.   It is undeniable that Mitchell behaved erratically throughout the series, in turns scared and scary as he struggled to deal with the repercussions of his past actions.  There were frequent glimpses however of the Mitchell we all love and his relationship with Annie allowed him to show his charismatic, caring side.  After his final act of redemption, nothing will ever be the same again and with Mitchell’s story coming to an end it is a fitting victory for a character that has taken his place in so many hearts over the past three years. 

Favourite Scene  - WINNER  - The Final Scene
Despite a wide variety of suggestions encompassing all episodes, one scene clearly took the lead.   As Mitchell returned to the house in the final episode he made one final devastating request of George and I defy anyone to watch the scene without at least welling up.  I could hardly bear to watch and yet could not look away and with two simple words (‘Stand up’),  George broke the collective heart of Being Human viewers everywhere.   In a series where the characters struggle to retain their humanity, this was in many ways the most ‘human’ scene of them all and if Mitchell had to leave, I can think of no better way to go.  Watch again, if you can bear it! 
2nd place : This is shared between the final moments of ‘The Pack’, with George, Nina and Tom forced into the cage at full moon & the montage at the end of ‘Lia’, with Annie’s accompanying monologue.  
3rd place: This is also shared between Mitchell and Annie running towards one another and hugging after he rescues her from purgatory  & Herrick and Mitchell in the car together in the final episode, before Mitchell eventually stakes Herrick.   
Obviously as these were open questions there were so many possibilities and so many brilliant suggestions.  Answers were wide-ranging, from the dramatic (Mitchell is arrested, Mitchell and Lia on the train), the romantic (Nina reveals she is pregnant, Mitchell & Annie kiss for the first time) to the daft (George watches Titanic with George Snr)! Suffice to say, there are so many highlights from each episode this award could be given to any number of scenes.    
Funniest Line/Moment 3 JOINT WINNERS
Annie merging from Auden to Cheryl Cole -  I think the clip says it all.
 I’m already dead! I’m already dead! I’m already dead! ’ – a typical Annie moment  from Episode 3 – Type 4.  (I have no link to the exact clip, so if anyone does, let me know and I will post it here!).  
Chicken Envy – a brief moment, proving that sometimes no words are needed to provide a genuinely hilarious moment.  Here it is, depicted in screencaps!

2nd place : George’s arrest for dogging and Nina’s subsequent rescue (and amazing facial expressions) mid-transformation. 
3rd place: ‘It can’t happen like this. Not here. Not in Wales!’  - Mitchell’s cry upon being arrested in Episode 7;  looks like it wasn’t just me that found that bizarrely hilarious in the moment!
Again, there were so many suggestions that it was very entertaining for me just to read back through some of the hilarious moments this series.  Honorary mentions go to Annie’s excuse of ‘ventriloquism’ in The Pack and George’s ‘I thought we were supposed to be the scary ones’ in Type 4.  Plenty of other hilarious one-liners were mentioned of course, particularly from Nina (‘George, you’re chitchatting…with a gimp’; ‘well it’s better than Norge’) and the master of the one-liner you-think-perhaps-you-shouldn’t-laugh-at-but-you-do, Herrick (‘Even Seth knew that and he used to point at planes’,’Sorry about these two, it’s clearly dress down Friday’).   It is impossible to mention all the moments voted for but suffice to say Series 3 was certainly as hilarious as we’ve come to expect from the show!

Scariest Moment – WINNER
We have a clear cut winner once again, with almost half of the votes in this category, it is the moment Herrick appears in the kitchen, back in police uniform and stabs Nina.  
Having been waiting for Herrick to return to his old self, the moment he did became a classic scene of the series.  Jason Watkins and Sinead Keenan were both brilliant and the tension was almost unbearable as Herrick toyed with Nina and simultaneously us as the audience, as we wondered whether or not he was going to do it.  Of course, this is Herrick we are talking about, and there was only ever one outcome.  If you can stand to watch again, here is your winner….
2nd place : Herrick appears at the bathroom door, then enters and becomes drawn to Nancy’s neck  as we wonder whether he will bite. 
3rd place: A good old-fashioned scare as Sasha suddenly appears at the door in Type 4.
Honourable mentions to the ‘will they won’t they’ element of the final scene and every appearance of the cage.  As the cage was scattered throughout the series, people have voted for different instances in particular, for example, Herrick & McNair’s flashback, the wolves trapped at full moon and Annie and Mitchell inside with the wolves circling.  If all mentions of the cage were clubbed together it would have come in at 3rd place, but it is clear that it provided many memorable moments of Series 3. 
Favourite Music Choice – WINNER – ( click on song titles for links)
-           Herrick leaving ‘Uncle Billy’ behind was always going to be a huge moment in the series and needed a brilliant soundtrack to accompany it.  Who would thought a bit of Shirley Bassey would be so perfect? 
-           As the wolves prepare for their next transformation, this very appropriate choice of track provided a brilliant accompaniment to a montage that was both funny and dramatic.   
-           Also in Episode 7, as things are getting biblical………
4th place  Death In Vegas -Dirge

-           A perfect accompaniment as Herrick shows Nina the journal at the end of Episode 5, this track encompassed Nina’s feelings of bewilderment and horror as she discovered what Mitchell had done.
It has to be noted that there was a lot of love also for the recurring themes used throughout the series, particularly in the final scene.   The music of Richard Wells has been a real highlight this series, capturing the changing dynamics and the emotional core of the show.   The influence of the soundtrack really can’t be underestimated and he has done terrific work this year. 

Favourite Series
1.       49.04%  - Series 3
2.        35.58% - Series 1
3.        15.38% - Series 2
Finally, I asked you to vote on how this series compared to the previous two and almost half of you voted Series 3 as your favourite yet.  To top the very popular and groundbreaking Series 1 is a huge achievement but is well deserved after a very strong third series, that balanced the humour and drama perfectly with an overarching story arc that was never less than gripping.  Series 3 took big themes and tackled them in a mature, compelling way whilst never losing sight of what made the show special, the characters and their interactions with one another.  Personally I believe the third series has set a new standard not just for Being Human but for British drama in general, and from this vote it looks like a lot of you agree.  Here’s hoping the quality is as high in Series 4. 
 My Picks
Ok, I did say I would let you all know my personal highlights and seen as I made you choose it is only fair that I choose myself! 
Favourite Partnership – George & Nina/Gina/Norge   -  This was an easy one for me as I believe George and Nina have grown to form such a warm and solid partnership, with Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan bouncing off one another so well that they have created a realistic couple it is impossible not to root for.   I love the way George softens Nina and Nina makes George stronger, the two appear very different and yet complement each other perfectly.  Their decision to go back and save Adam in Episode 2 is a perfect example of how united they have become and what with their little hairy baby on the way I am looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops in Series 4. 
Favourite One Ep Wonder  -  George Sands Senior  - Although I would perhaps have moved the episode ‘Daddy Ghoul’ to  earlier in the series I was very impressed with the performance of James Fleet as George’s father.  He very subtly took on the mannerisms and speech patterns of George and it is a sign of a great performance when you can so readily and so easily believe a duo to be father and son when seeing them for the first time.   We have been spoiled in Being Human with such strong guest stars that always make a massive impact on their respective episodes and I hope this tradition continues in Series 4. 
Favourite Recurring Character – Herrick – A tough choice this one as I loved both McNair and Tom and it’s a shame I couldn’t justify giving them a category of their own!  They certainly made a huge impact upon the series and I’m sure most of us would welcome seeing them again, but in choosing my favourite recurring character I have to pick William Herrick.  I stated in a previous review that I cannot think of a better screen villain and I find Herrick fascinating to watch as he switches from charming and charismatic to malevolent and violent in an instant.  His incarnation as ‘Uncle Billy’ gave the character a different dimension, resurrecting him in an unexpected way that was very interesting to watch and even almost garnering sympathy for the villain before returning him to his murderous state.  Jason Watkins has been terrific and I will miss his threatening presence in Series 4!
Favourite Episode – Episode 7 – Though the Heavens Fall -  I chose along with the majority here, picking the penultimate episode as my personal highlight.  This was an instance where everything came together, plot, direction, acting and music, to create a gripping hour of television that tops anything I have seen recently on British TV.  This is an episode I could watch repeatedly and never get bored. 
Favourite Regular – Nina – I think the results of the main poll prove how popular a character Mitchell is/was, however I am going to go against the grain here by choosing Nina.  I can understand the criticisms of Nina as being judgemental etc. but have to admit I don’t agree with them.  I have avoided ‘the blame game’ all series but I believe that every decision a character made can be understood if you look at events from their perspective.   In her first full series I felt Nina made the biggest impact, fitting in perfectly to the extent that at times I struggled to remember what it was like without her.  Nina made me laugh probably more than any other character this series, with fabulously deadpan one-liners, but she also provides a counter to Annie’s occasional ditziness.  Sinead Keenan has proven herself to be fantastic at both the comedy and drama elements of the show, forming an excellent double act with Russell Tovey and I believe the introduction of Nina as a regular has made George a better character.  I hope some of her strength and attitude can rub off on Annie in Series 4.   
Favourite Scene – The Pack – The Return to the Cage – After much deliberation I eventually plumped for this final scene from Episode 4, with George, Nina and Tom forced into the cage to transform.  I loved this scene because it was so unexpected and felt genuinely unpredictable and allowed McNair and Mitchell to put their differences aside to stage a rescue.  For a mid-series episode, the level of tension was almost unbearable, the direction and music adding to the frantic atmosphere.  I love the final scene too, but for me personally, this was the moment I realised Being Human was taking things to a whole new level in Series 3 and for that reason stands out as my favourite of the series. 
Funniest Line/Moment – Nina’s exasperation with George Snr in the park -   Eventually I had to choose this scene as I could not stop laughing as I watched this scene unfold.  Nina’s growing exasperation at having to deal with not one but two George’s was brilliantly played, culminating in the line ‘you’re a bit…rapey…now’. Which may not be particularly politically correct but was certainly bloody funny ( and accurate! ).    In a very close second place for me is this line from Herrick in Episode 5; ‘If you don’t mind me saying old son, I think you’re a bit touched with the simple stick’.  Of all the lines this series, this is the one that I have most used myself in conversation!  Neither of these moments were actually picked by anyone else in the vote at all incidentally, which I take to indicate just how many hilarious moments there were this series, rather than that I am just weird and the only person to find them funny!
Scariest Moment – Herrick enters kitchen in police uniform and stabs Nina – Concurring with the majority here, this scene is the very epitome of an ‘edge of your seat’ moment. I’ve talked in more detail earlier but realising Herrick was back, coupled with not knowing what was going to happen made this the scariest moment of the series for me. 
Favourite Music – Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey – History Repeating  - Again, agreeing with the majority here, I eventually picked this track, probably because I love the song anyway and had never imagined it could be used so effectively in Being Human.  With this, Hungry Like The Wolf and Gods Gonna Cut You Down, all used in Episode 7, voted the most popular of the series, this perhaps shows just how important a good soundtrack is to creating memorable drama. 
Favourite Series – Series 3 – Yep, in case you haven’t guessed by now from reading this piece and from my previous reviews, I loved Series 3!

So, with that, I shall bring this incredibly long blog post to a close.  Thank you to all that voted in these awards, I hope you have enjoyed reading the results and that it has been interesting for you to see how opinions measure up to yours.  A massive thank you to those that have read my reviews, I am very new to this and so seeing people were actually reading was a massive boost to me and really encouraged me to continue. 
I hope you will all join me here again for Series 4, but for now, here endeth the Being Human Series 3 blog posts! 

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