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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Warehouse 13 - Queen For A Day - Season 3 Episode 4 Review

As I reviewed Eureka earlier today (here), it seems only right that I should review Syfy stablemate, the equally entertaining Warehouse 13, another show I’ve watched since it’s inception and another I believe is getting better and better. Read more after the jump...

In this weeks episode of the third season, ‘Queen For A Day’, we are introduced to Pete’s ex-wife Amanda, an ex-wife neither we nor Pete’s colleagues knew he had. Amanda, played by brilliant guest star Jeri Ryan, broke the news to Pete that she was remarrying and oh yeah, it’s only TOMORROW (never change TV weddings, never change)! Myka’s surprise at meeting Amanda, leads to her uncharacteristically taking her eye off an artefact, which naturally finds its way into Amanda’s handbag and consequently to her wedding.

This storyline worked well, adding in a (rented) castle and some possessed members of the wedding party to the already dramatic environment of Pete’s ex-wife’s wedding. We are used to Pete (Eddie McClintock) being the joker in the pack and it was nice this week to see the character’s more serious side. There was still plenty of traditional Pete ‘daftness’ but his scenes discussing his past with both Amanda and Myka (Joanne Kelly) added a lot more depth to the backstory we knew only vague details of. Crucially, McClintock and Ryan worked very well together and you could really believe that Pete and Amanda used to be married. With both characters wishing each other well it certainly leaves things open for another appearance from Ryan in the future, I’m sure she could come across some strange artefact-like goings on in the Marines right?!

Meanwhile, this weeks B-story featured Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) searching for Ulysses S Grant’s hip flask amidst a Civil War Re-enactment.

I am enjoying the burgeoning friendship between the two, Claudia is my favourite character on the show and it is nice to see her have someone else to bounce off in this way. I love Claudia and Artie together too, but I think the show is doing a good job so far this season of balancing the pairings and ensuring the characters have a decent amount of interaction with each other. In case you haven’t guessed by my spelling of the word ‘favourite’, I am British, so I have to admit the Laverne & Shirley jokes went whooshing so far over my head I think they’re still up there with Sheriff Carters jeep in Eureka (though, to be honest, I can kind of guess!). Throw in some typical Warehouse 13 humour, Claudia’s quick quips and some fabulous costumes and this was a perfectly formed B-story.

Overall then, ‘Queen For A Day’, was a strong episode of Warehouse 13, with two enjoyable and interesting storylines, giving Eddie McClintock the chance to show he can do the serious as well as the funny and giving some nice character development to Steve, who no longer feels like just The New Guy.

Anyone else out there watching the show? I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and comments on the episode. If people are interested, I may make Warehouse 13 episode reviews a regular thing so do let me know…

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